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Physician Services

Based on our experience, the fundamental challenge faced by many physician organizations is, “How to successfully manage economic risk in a changing regulatory and reimbursement environment?” This core question is driving many physician organizations to revisit how their medical practices are managed and explore affiliation options with health systems.

Physician and health system affiliation is a mutually beneficial solution in many markets. At Health Care Futures, we believe the management of economic risk, while at the center of any deal, is only the foundation to a sustainable physician practice and health system affiliation. To adequately plan and design a sustainable affiliated practice, physician practices must maintain a level of control and influence in decision-making. Collectively, affiliated practices cannot only preserve but enhance their programs’ relevance in a given market.

Given the acute challenges confronting physician organizations today, Health Care Futures provides a broad range of services directed toward exploring the feasibility of alternative physician organization models and improving the performance of existing physician organizations.

Health Care Futures physician services include:

  • Partnership strategy development for physician groups and hospitals, including ambulatory/outpatient joint ventures, vertically integrated physician group formation, and clinical management company development
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance improvement strategy development
  • Group practice formation/mergers
  • Physician resources planning
  • Next generation of IPA development and management
  • Development of new business opportunities