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A Day in the Life

Steve D. – Consultant

One word that best describes a typical day at Health Care Futures (HCF) would be “challenging,” and I mean that in a good way. Each day presents new challenges to be addressed from our work with various clients, and reflects the complexity of problems with which our clients look for consulting help. These challenges test the knowledge and abilities of the HCF team including partners and staff alike, who work together closely to address our clients’ needs. The hands-on approach in addressing these challenges provides me the opportunity to be part of a team based approach to work that allows me to work arm in arm with partners, managers, and other staff in all aspects of our client work. This team based approach to each project fosters a learning atmosphere in a challenging yet supportive way. Not a day goes by when we aren’t thinking about the broader context of a particular assignment, in order to help maximize our clients’ potential for success. Our open approach to team based dialogue and debate enable us to frequently identify and provide clients a new idea or perspective they may not have thought of previously. It is these instances of thinking beyond the parameters of an engagement that I find to be the most rewarding days at HCF. I also enjoy being surrounded by a team that is not only motivated by challenging work, but also recognize the need for fun along the way. Finally, a day in the life at HCF would not be complete without the sound of collegial banter and laughter, whether together over dinner after a long day on client site, across the aisle on a plane, or down the hall of our office.

Sean M. – Consultant

There is no way to describe a day in the life of a consultant at Health Care Futures aside from saying there is no typical day. Every day presents a new issue from the firm’s wide variety of clients that forces consultants to wear many different “hats”. In the seven months I have been with the firm I have been tasked with evaluating physician compensation models, building complex financial models, and learning about how physicians treat various neurological problems. While a good portion of the work I have done is outside of my previous educational and work background, it has forced me to develop general problem solving skills that I can use to “solve for x”.

The wide variety of project work that we do as a firm comes with partners who have years of expertise doing markedly different types of work – this allows the firm’s professionals access to a deep knowledge base, and facilitates our development as health care consulting professionals. Furthermore, Health Care Futures believes in hiring consultants with a wide variety of backgrounds such as law, accounting, information technology, and general business. This provides valuable perspective to other members of project teams and helps to develop well-rounded technical skills.

From a workload perspective, it is demanding, as you would expect from the management consulting industry. Sometimes there are long hours, and bumping up against a deadline can be stressful. At the same time, delivering a high quality work product to the client and helping them think through complex issues is a very rewarding experience. It is definitely a challenge, but one that comes with a great sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Andrea V. – Consultant

As no two projects are alike, no two days are the same in the life of a consultant. During my time at Health Care Futures, I have worked on a myriad of projects varying in scope from profiling physician practices to assessing whether two clients should engage in a joint venture. On any given day, I may be working on-site with clients, managing client communications, or brainstorming with a team of colleagues concerning the best approach with which to meet our clients’ needs.

With each project’s unique set of variables and analyses, a day as a consultant is never without team collaboration. Teamwork is an integral part of the culture at Health Care Futures and provides daily, hands-on learning experiences which are invaluable. Working with my colleagues, managers, and partners has enabled me to develop and refine new skills, keep current on issues affecting our clients, and to produce thoughtful, quality products for clients.

While a day in the life of a consultant is ever-changing, a day in the life at Health Care Futures is challenging, rewarding, and has encouraged me to think critically and creatively. With the small company atmosphere and team approach, each day is filled with new opportunities and provides me with an exciting job experience.

Susan A. – Business Associate

Health Care Futures business associates have the unique opportunity to work on a variety of projects with multiple partners across offices. Whether it is creating an ambulatory care strategy for a safety net hospital in Chicago, developing a comprehensive business case for a multi-system merger in the southwest, or assisting a sales presentation at a west coast academic medical center, my projects are always different and compelling. Due to the dynamic nature of teams, I am continually learning from the diverse technical and industry-related expertise of my incredibly sharp colleagues. There is no substitute for the on the job training and exposure we receive.

The Health Care Futures team is composed of individuals from varied backgrounds. Prior to joining Health Care Futures, I was a Teach for America corps member and taught kindergarten. Our team’s credentials consist of MBAs, JDs, CPAs, PTs, recent college graduates – the list continues! Partners at Health Care Futures recognize our diverse backgrounds, help identify our strengths, and position us to best utilize those strengths. For instance, I am able to use my teaching background to develop and lead internal training sessions across offices. Training is not in my job description, but our small company nature encourages employees to reach beyond a title and assume higher levels of responsibility.

Amidst the variety of our work and backgrounds, one thing is always consistent: teamwork. It starts at the partner level and works its way through the company. Partners are teachers and mentors, actively involving themselves in the day to day analytics. No question is ever too small, and colleagues are always willing to help or point you in the right direction. I come to work each morning knowing there will be opportunities for development and growth.